Facebook offers its users new health tool

It is now easier to track health issues and never miss a checkup


Facebook offers its users new health tool. Source:

Facebook’s Preventive Health tool allows the users to track their wellbeing, get notifications about further checkups, simplifying the control over the health. As long as information of that kind is private, Facebook says it took some extra steps to protect user’s privacy. It gathers a limited amount of information needed to make the service work properly. For example, a user will be able to set a reminder for his checkups and mark them as done, but it won’t give Facebook access to the test results.

It’s up to a user whether they want or not to connect the Preventive Health tool.

In case the user’s location is turned on, it will show them the nearest medical institutions. If not, Facebook sets the default location according to the current city.

Preventive Health tool can also suggest the checkups, based on the age and sex of the user, provided in Facebook’s profile by default. What is more, the tool doesn’t show ads based on the information a user provides, like details about checkups, tests, and healthcare locations.

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