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FIS launches new 3D Secure service

3DS is used by merchants around the globe for authenticating cardholders online

3D Secure service

FIS launches new 3D Secure service. Source:

FIS announced the launch of its new 3D Secure (3DS) authentication service, 3DS Flex. This new solution helps global e-commerce retailers and merchants fight fraud. Along with that, it enables the acceleration of online and mobile checkouts by reducing cart abandonment, maximizing payment authorizations.

While most issuing banks support 3DS1, a growing number are adopting 3DS2.1 and the latest 2.2 protocol, 3DS Flex solution supports all 3DS protocols. This way, consumers shopping online will receive an improved authentication experience.

3DS Flex is automatically routing payments for merchants through the most optimal version of authentication supported by the issuing bank. Besides, service also helps protect users from online fraud by leveraging geolocation data, shopper history and a wealth of other data to accurately verify a shopper’s identity online.

Regardless of the SCA timeframe announced by local regulators, we are ready to help businesses become compliant and apply SCA, so they can offer an improved authentication experience and minimize unnecessary declines or abandonment. In an increasingly competitive e-commerce environment, it’s vital for merchants to consistently maximize payment acceptance. Being the first to offer the latest in security authentication with 3DS2.2 will allow our merchants to offer a slick, secure shopping experience to their consumers
Charles Damen, SVP Product Strategy, Worldpay Merchant Solutions at FIS



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