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French retailer brings click & collect lockers to another country

Products are ready for collection within 2 hours of placing an order

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French retailer brings click & collect lockers to another country. Source:

According to Ecommerce News, Castorama has installed its own CastroMat click-and-collect lockers in Poland. The solution allows customers from the French DIY to pick up their orders whenever they like.

A significant increase in e-commerce sales and the rising popularity of click-and-collect has accelerated its attempt to work on a solution that facilitates shopping.

Besides, if the orders are big, shoppers can pick them up using trolleys. This way, it will be easy and comfortable to transport and pack the products in the back of the car.

Picking up items can be done by using the PIN code the customer receives in advance.

The France-based retailer has over 80 physical stores across Poland and 20 in Russia.

We’ve reported that e-commerce has seen a boost in 2020, particularly in countries where online shopping is not the mainstream shopping method.


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