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German e-commerce and a return tax – forecast

E-commerce in Germany is expected to grow 11% by the end of 2019

German return tax

German e-commerce and a return tax – forecast. Source:

According to Ecommerce News, German consumers will order products online with a total value of €70 billion in 2019. However, despite every 6th parcel is expected to be returned, a legally required return tax could help.

Economic researchers at the University of Bamberg revealed that a required return tax could help with reducing the amount of garbage and decreasing climate change.

The research says a tax of €2.95 per shipment could avoid around 16% of all returns, affecting about 80 million items.

The majority of small and medium-sized retailers would like such a return fee, but it’s hard due to strong competition. For strategic reasons, major online retailers deliberately will go for no fee, so they can build competitive advantage. That’s why, by legal obligations, the same rules should apply to all
Björn Asdecker, researcher


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