German e-commerce market to reach almost €70 billion this year

The online growth rates are declining, while the absolute growth remains stable


German e-commerce market to reach almost €70 billion this year. Source:

In 2018, the e-commerce market in Germany grew 9.1% and was worth around €63 billion, according to Ecommerce News. During 2019, further growth of almost 9% is expected, making German e-commerce increase to €68 billion.

IFH Köln says that in 2017, the absolute growth was almost €5.5 billion, €5.2 billion during the last year and will probably be €5.4 billion in 2019. This prediction is much more optimistic than the previous ones from  Handelsverband Deutschland, which forecasted the German online retail industry would be worth €58.8 or even € 57.8 billion.

As to the most popular products boosting the growth, those are the do-it-yourself (DIY), gardening, and the home & furniture goods. The weak growth of the fashion and consumer electronics markets in the retail sector also affects online retail.

German e-commerce development. Source:

These industries are losing market share in online trading, in favor of smaller sectors, such as the online sales of bicycles, furniture, and personal care & cosmetics.


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