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German retailers want to reject Black Friday

Despite numerous online and physical retailers throw around discounts, many of German retailers prefer there was no Black Friday at all

Black Friday

German retailers want to reject Black Friday. Source:

According to Ecommerce News, 60% of German retailers don’t want Black Friday. Among 674 retailers and consumers surveyed by Roman Kmenta, 60% of retailers would prefer if Black Friday didn’t exist, whereas only 44% of consumers could do well without the new shopping day.

As to the impact the retailers expect for their own business through Black Friday, 1 out of 3 (32%) expect more revenue, while 28% hope to gain a stronger customer frequency. 1 out of 4  thinks they will acquire new customers, meanwhile 12% bets on more profit. And finally, only 5% think they will attract new customers that will keep coming back.

Some of the retailers (42%) think Black Friday will damage the Christmas business, whereas 16% think the latter will only grow stronger because of Black Friday. 43% of German retailers claim that Black Friday harms profit. A similar answer was also given when both retailers and consumers got the question: “Do you think that offers or much lower prices, such as those that are customary for Black Friday, generally rather benefit or hurt the trade?”

41% of consumers think it would hurt the industry, whereas, among retailers, this share was 48%.


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