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Germany-based e-commerce software provider unveiled two new features

This will make it easier for shop owners to customize the open-source software


Germany-based e-commerce software provider unveiled two new features. Source:

According to Ecommerce News, Shopware will release two new software features: Flow Builder and Guided Shopping.

The first one, Flow Builder, helps retailers automate their business processes, without having to write any code. Business owners without any development experience will thus be able to customize the software to their needs.

Over the last couple of months, we have seen how important it is to react quickly to changing markets and be able to support emerging digital business models. The Flow Builder makes it easier than ever to intelligently model and automate these new processes
Sebastian Hamann, Shopware CEO 

The other feature is named Guided Shopping, which enables shop owners to create interactive events from their Shopware website. This way, they can start live video events for customers on to highlight products, without having to switch between a presentation tool, video conferencing system and store system.

As this generates a way for shop owners to engage their customers, Shopware expects that Guided Shopping will reinforce brand loyalty.

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