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Google Cloud and Carrefour Belgium announced partnership

Major supermarket chain to migrate SAP to Google Cloud for higher uptime and low latency

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Google Cloud and Carrefour Belgium announced partnership. Source:

Google Cloud and Carrefour Belgium have announced a new partnership to bring Carrefour Belgium’s business-critical SAP systems and supply chain data to the cloud.

Under this alliance, Carrefour Belgium is building a new data cloud. It is also migrating its data centers to Google BigQuery for storage and analysis;and helping to create a framework for next-generation projects in mobile and e-commerce, data analytics, and machine learning.

The company is now turning to Google Cloud to support the next phase of its digital transformation. With the creation of its new data cloud, the company’s teams will have greater access and analytics capabilities for its diverse product, consumer and supply chain data sets.

High visibility into supply chain data means Carrefour Belgium will be able to ensure that products, including perishable food items, arrive in stores and in the hands of consumers quickly and efficiently.

In addition, an improved view of consumer trends will enable the retailer to create new, hyper-personalized experiences for shoppers, including targeted promotional offers.

Carrefour Belgium is also moving to SAP S/4HANA on Google Cloud and will bring other parallel workloads into a Google Cloud environment, enabling secure, low-latency access to these business-critical applications and improved data analytics for its teams across the country.

Additionally, given the critical nature of its SAP systems, the retailer is enabling maximum uptime with Google Cloud’s reliable and elastic infrastructure and live migration capabilities—ensuring no disruption to its operations during the migration.

Data is a critical asset for Carrefour Belgium as we develop new consumer experiences and streamline our supply chains

We’ve been using Workspace for the last two years to foster a collaborative culture, so this feels like a natural next step for our business. Our renewed partnership with Google Cloud will provide us with a centralized view of this data, helping to deliver new, more meaningful experiences for our customers and modernize our business processes with the power of data. Additionally, bringing our company-wide SAP environment into Google Cloud ensures that we are running these critical applications securely and reliably, and on sustainable and scalable cloud infrastructure
Stijn Stabel, Chief Technology Officer at Carrefour Belgium

We’ve reported Carrefour will no longer give receipts in its stores.


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