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Google delays return to office until September

The company was among the first to mandate its employees to work from home at the onset of the coronavirus pandemic


Google delays return to office until September. Source:

Google has delayed the return to working from the offices to September 2021. As such, employees will be required to continue working from home until the set date.

This comes as the company tests a flexible workweek as soon as it is safe for employees to return to physical offices.

In the flexible workweek, employees will be required to work from the office for at least three days per week. They will, however, be working from home on other days.

The company is testing a hypothesis that states that a flexible work routine leads to increased collaboration, well-being, and productivity.

We’ve reported that Google Pay’s old website, Android App, and iOS app will lose the remittance features in January 2021 in the US. The apps will henceforth not be used to withdraw money, receive, or send payments.


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