Google opens a startup platform in Japan

Japanese entrepreneurs tend to build businesses around technology like artificial intelligence and machine learning

Google for Startups Campus

Google opens a startup platform in Japan. Source:

Google is opening a Google for Startups Campus in Tokyo, reportedly offering Japanese startups many benefits.

Aspiring entrepreneurs will be able to develop their ideas, access Google resources, and build connections with like-minded people. In 2020, the Tokyo Campus territory will also include a new Google for Startups Accelerator, an intensive three-month boot camp for startups working with AI. Its program aims to give founders with established products the tools to prepare for the further phase of growth.

Japan concentrates on technology, digital skills, and AI development, focusing on the ambitious future. Google for Startups Campus says it will try to make sure that Japanese developers get all the digital tools and services they need.

Google is also supporting AI research at academic institutions and universities. What is more, they aim to train 10 million Japanese workers in digital skills by 2022, through the Grow with Google program they launched earlier this year.


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