Grab enhances its influence in Japan and the Middle East

Grab allows Singaporeans and Filipinos to order the taxi in Japan and the Middle East

Grab service Japan

Grab enhances its influence in Japan and the Middle East. Source:

From now on, Grab covers transportation needs in 5 Japanese cities and 94 cities across 13 Middle Eastern countries. It means that consumers from Singapore and the Philippines can use the same Grab app they use every day to book and pay for rides in Japan and the Middle East.

Additionally, Grab provides clients with the ability to message in GrabChat using their native or preferred language, as their messages will be instantly translated for the other party.

There are several steps a user needs to take to use a brand new feature. Firstly, clients will set up and verify the GrabPay Wallet and ensure they’ve topped up sufficient GrabPay Credits before the trip. After landing in Japan or the Middle East, clients will need to tap on the ‘Transport’ tile in the app and start a trip. After every completed trip, users gain GrabRewards, which can be redeemed for vouchers and exclusive discounts on Grab.


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