Google Pay comes to NYC public transport

Google Maps will let users see which routes accept Google Pay

Google Pay comes to NYC public transport. Source:

New York City now joins that list of destinations where Google Pay can be used to pay for public transport. According to Google’s official blog, starting May 31st, The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) will enable the “pay per ride” feature with a public pilot at select subway stations and Staten Island buses. The company says it continues to work with The Metropolitan Transportation Authority to bring more features with Google Maps and Google Assistant.

Using Google Pay on MTA is part of OMNY, a contactless payment fare system that lets user tap and go with either their contactless payment card or their mobile phone or wearable. When the public pilot opens next week, users will be able to use Google Pay to board all Staten Island buses and subway stations along the 4-5-6 lines between Grand Central and Atlantic Avenue-Barclays Center — no need to stand in line for a MetroCard.

Using Google Pay to ride with the phone is simple. No need to open the app or unlock the device — and it’s the same price as a single ride MetroCard. Plus, it’s more secure. A user doesn’t have to worry about losing their MetroCard, and Google Pay doesn’t share their actual credit or debit card number when they pay.

In the next few weeks, Google Maps will let users see which routes accept Google Pay when they look up directions.

And starting today, NYC subway riders can take advantage of the Google Assistant’s new real-time transit feature with the MTA. On the Android phone, all smart speakers, or all Smart Displays just say, “Hey Google, when is the next 4 train arriving?” or “Hey Google, when is the next train?” Assistant will share the train’s ETA and provide walking directions to the station.

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