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Google Pay’s old website and apps are set to lose payment features

These changes come with a massive re-launch

Google Pay

Google Pay’s old website and apps are set to lose payment features. Source:

Google Pay’s old website, Android App, and iOS app will lose the remittance features in January 2021 in the US. The apps will henceforth not be used to withdraw money, receive, or send payments.

Google’s pay website will also lose the capability to receive and send payments. A 1.5% fee will also be introduced when transferring payments using a debit card to transfer money out of Google Pay.

These changes come with a massive re-launch. This includes a brand-new app with new features such as the option to automatically scan Google photos and Gmail photos for imports or receipts.

The newly launched service will expand in 2021 when Google partners with banks for a savings account and full checking with Google.

Although transfers linked to a bank account will still be free, it can take between 1-3 business days.

Even with the payment features disappearing, Google Pay’s web page interface will still be in use. It will focus on managing subscriptions, account settings, and payment methods.

We’ve reported that Mastercard cardholders across Europe will now have access to the Google Pay service


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