Google shares 8 tips on how to ensure remote work productivity

This way, the employees are expected to work as productively from home as they do in the office

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Google shares 8 tips on how to ensure remote work productivity. Source:

The G Suite team has provided tips for employers on how to organize a remote office for their workers amid coronavirus outbreak.

  1. Find the most suitable work spot. You will need to find the perfect set-up where you can stay focused and will not distract others.
  2. Use the Hangouts Meet feature. Video calls will help you to stay in touch with your colleagues during the day.
  3. Do the ‘one tab working’. It’s important to focus on one Chrome tab at a time. During a video call, minimize all other tabs and focus on the conversation, just like when you put away your phone during office meetings.
  4. Stick to your usual routine. The usual routine will make you feel more like it’s a regular working day and will increase productivity.
  5. Play around with your schedule to find the perfect one. Morning people can try waking up and working on something for a bit, then taking a break mid-morning. Speaking of the night owls, they can shift their schedule to get more work done in the later afternoon.
  6. Set the boundaries. Place your computer in your workspace and only work when you’re in that spot. Besides, you can set working hours to notify your colleagues when you’re available or not. Take mental breaks as well.
  7. Create a to-do list the day before. This way, you will manage your schedule by creating an hour-by-hour plan of what you need to do.
  8. Finish what you’ve been meaning to do. Remote work is an opportunity to catch up on some of your individual to-dos.


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