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Google upgrades “Nearby Share” and boosts productivity of Android devices

Easier sharing, redesigned experiences for apps and more – Google update package unveiled

Google Nearby Share

Google upgrades “Nearby Share” and boosts productivity of Android devices. Source: Google

Google introduced a range of new features for Android devices, including an upgrade to a self-share option that works similar to rival Apple’s AirDrop. The feature allows you to easily and securely share files between nearby Android phones, tablets and Chromebooks. 

As soon as the users get the new update, they may select Android devices logged into one Google account to quickly share files between them. And once you opt-in, transfers between devices you own are automatically accepted even if your screen is off.

When Nearby Share initially launched, users could only share files between their own devices upon manual approval before each transfer. The new self-share feature removes the extra step and files automatically transfer between devices with a single tap.

Other upgrades designed to boost productivity, communication, accessibility and entertainment for Android users include redesigned widgets, sound alerts, audio descriptions for Google TV, and live-sharing on Google Meet. 

Other upgrades

Thus, the Google Drive widget now has a face tune, providing three new home screen buttons for quick access to Google Docs, Google Slides, and Google Sheets. 

The Google Keyboard, in its turn, expands the availability of its “Emojify” button. Now available in the Gboard beta app only, the feature that allows English users to see emoji suggestions as they type will roll out soon. 

Besides, Wear OS, Google’s smartwatch operating system, will provide the option to add a Bitmoji to the watch face and personalized Keep tiles for writing notes on the go. The Bitmoji will change expressions depending on various factors like the time of day, the weather, and the watch owner’s current activities.

New sound notifications will warn users of hearing loss when a critical sound like fire alarms, running water, oven timers, or door knocks is detected.

Finally, Google Meet live sharing and multi-pinning features are rolling out to Android phones and tablets as well. They allow users to co-watch videos with up to 100 friends and colleagues simultaneously and pin certain people to focus on during a large group call.


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