Grab adds lifestyle experiences to its super app

Singapore millennials seek experience-led offerings on a lifestyle app


Grab adds lifestyle experiences to its super app. Source:

For millennials in Singapore, the most important things in life are not possessions, but experiences. In response to this, Grab, Southeast Asia’s leading super app, will introduce new experience-led offerings through its app in Singapore. This includes culinary and lifestyle experiences, as well as Singapore’s first bubble tea subscription plan.

A study commissioned by Grab and conducted by YouGov found that 89% of Singapore millennials value experiences in their lives, even more so than material possessions. 2 in 3 (66%) are willing to spend more on a lifestyle app if it is enhanced with more lifestyle experiences.

Together with brands from the retail, entertainment and F&B sectors, Grab will start to offer online-to-offline experiences through curated events, limited edition services, products and activities to its users. Users will be able to purchase them conveniently on the Grab app. To kickstart, Grab has started to offer Gourmet Tribe, a culinary and lifestyle experience, and will be rolling out Singapore’s first bubble tea subscription on 18 October.

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