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Tech startup launches Blockchain platform for students

Education Index launches the first university application prep platform on Blockchain

Tech startup launches Blockchain platform for students. Source:

Tech startup Education Index launches Libereka, the world’s first blockchain-enabled end-to-end international student recruitment platform.

On the platform, students receive a blockchain education account where they store their academic credentials, transcripts, and letters of recommendation. Libereka also gives students a personalized dashboard to recommend degrees and programs based on their profiles and goals.

The Libereka Common Application & Scholarship System (LCASS) allows students to apply to multiple universities and accept scholarships with only one application form and one set of documents. Libereka offers an advanced matching tool and works with qualified candidates to generate a guaranteed offer for a degree type at the desired study destination.

A portion of the money collected from university access fees through the LCASS system is earmarked for student funding. Each student using the platform is guaranteed funding (a minimum of $500) from that pool to pay for the costs of their studies abroad. Universities can contribute scholarship money risk-free and, for each student who does not accept an offer, the contribution is returned to the school. Libereka reduces the cost of recruitment by cutting the time and effort spent on verification, documentation and making admissions offers.

Libereka is available to students in the biggest markets for university recruitment, including China, Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and the Indian subcontinent.

Upon graduation, universities can grant students academic credentials on the blockchain, making the system more transparent and efficient. Students can refer back to Libereka when preparing for the job market, as the credentials on their blockchain accounts can also be used to apply for jobs. Libereka eliminates these verification costs.

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