Half of European businesses experienced breach or failed audit last year

Companies face a higher risk of cyber threats


Half of European businesses experienced breach or failed audit last year. Source:

Thales has published Data Threat Report, revealing that European organizations have a false sense of security when it comes to protecting themselves. In fact, 68% are seeing themselves as vulnerable, compared to 86% in 2018.

Although, this confidence contradicts the findings of the survey of 509 European executives. It reveals that 52% of organizations were breached or failed a compliance audit in 2019.

It is also raising concerns as to why 20% aim to cut data security spend in the next year.

According to information, the cloud is becoming the leading data environment. Indeed, 46% of all data stored by European organizations are now stored in the cloud, and 43% of that data in the cloud being described as sensitive.

At the same time, only 54% of sensitive data in the cloud is protected by encryption, whereas 44% is protected by tokenization. It is all highlighting the disconnect between the level of investment businesses are making into cybersecurity and the rising threats they face.

Businesses are continuing to race towards digital transformation and many are increasingly reliant on complex cloud environments, without taking a zero-trust approach. Data is more at risk than ever, whilst organizations are unwittingly creating the perfect storm for hackers by not implementing the security basics. Unfortunately, this will result in increasing problems, particularly in a world where working remotely will be part of the new normal, unless companies can step up to the plate when it comes to keeping data safe
Rob Elliss, EMEA Vice President for Data Security solutions at Thales

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