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Here’s how coronavirus pandemic could help the environment

The report explained possible positive impacts for the environment amid COVID-19 crisis

coronavirus pandemic

Here’s how coronavirus pandemic could help the environment. Source:

Despite the devastating COVID-19 effects, it could positively change in the way consumers contribute to environmentally friendly initiatives, according to GlobalData.

For instance, 45% of British consumers actively buy products that are better for the environment. What is more important, 41% of them claim they are interested in buying these products but don’t actively buy them, explaining there is potential for change.

With supply chains relying on borders and many UK residents buying fruit and veg grown in Europe (and beyond), consumers will naturally have to buy seasonal products grown in the UK, which will have a positive effect on the environment. However, this will have to be reinforced by government and corporate policy if it’s going to stick in the long term, especially after the pandemic ends
David Utley, Consumer Analyst at GlobalData

Although, there is a chance that when the world makes up for lost time, all the sustainable effects will be reduced. For instance, there is potential that consumers may overcompensate by purchasing those items that have been missing. This way, the factories will overproduce to meet demand damaging a positive impact on the environment during the crisis.


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