Here’s how many employees are willing to work remotely in future

The survey reflects the opinions of 209,000 participants across 190 countries

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Here’s how many employees are willing to work remotely in future. Source:

According to a new study by Boston Consulting Group and The Network, 89% of people said their preference in the future will be for a job that allows them to work from home at least occasionally.

People got a taste of remote work during the pandemic, and it has completely changed their expectations. It sends a very clear message that nine out of ten people want some aspects of this to be sustained. Employers can't treat working from home as an occasional perk anymore
Rainer Strack, one of the authors of the study and a senior partner at BCG

The report has found that the majority of people prefer a hybrid model, with 2 or 3 days a week from home and the rest in the office. Not only those in digital, knowledge, and office jobs who want more workplace flexibility on a permanent basis. Study participants who have jobs that require the handling of physical goods, or contact with clients, expressed a desire for setups that would allow them to work remotely at least occasionally.

Nevertheless, only a relatively small proportion of workers—1 in 4—would switch to a completely remote model if they could.

In fact, the enthusiasm for fully remote work is particularly low in developed countries. Fully remote is the preference of only 7% of people in Denmark and 8% of people in Switzerland and France, for example. There is more of an interest in fully remote work in developing countries. Indeed, over 40% of people in the Philippines and parts of Africa say they would be willing to work from home permanently.

Falling outside the pattern of developed- and developing-country attitudes are the US and China. 35% of Americans say they would be happy to do their jobs 100% from home. On contrary, only 8% of Chinese workers say they would be willing to work from home full time.

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