Here’s what Baby Zoomers financially prioritize the most amid pandemic

There will be a rise of “Baby Zoomers” in 2021-2022

Baby Zoomers

Here’s what Baby Zoomers financially prioritize the most amid pandemic. Source:

According to a new study by the UK digital bank Starling, half of the Baby Zoomers say they are now paying more attention to buying their first property than before the pandemic.

Meanwhile, 27% of them are planning to do so in 2021 and rising to 51% in the next two years. At the same time, 60% say they are focused on moving to a larger home.

The survey has found that compared to 24% of adults, 57% of Baby Zoomers say they are reconsidering their location. Key factors include living space (31% – more living space indoors vs 28% – outdoor living space), countryside (23%), or relocation nearer to the family (26%).

In general, the pandemic has caused a desire to spend their time and money on more significant events among Baby Zoomers (76%).

The data also showed that more than two in five Baby Zoomers (45%) say they are currently prioritizing promotions, while slightly more people are looking to change careers (47%).

The pandemic has made people rethink their priorities and as lives shifted online and creating Baby Zoomers. As plans change people are thinking more and more about money in order to facilitate these milestones. That’s why we designed a personal bank account that allows people to save more easily through lots of simple features as well as keeping close eye on their finances from their phone
Helen Bierton, Chief Banking Officer at Starling Bank

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