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Hiring is only going to get harder: survey

Survey shares opinions of over 1,500 hiring managers and c-suite executives


Hiring is only going to get harder: survey. Source:

The Greenhouse Hiring Manager Report has revealed that 75% of respondents expect hiring to become even more challenging for the remainder of 2022.

Interestingly, 84% of hiring managers are experiencing burnout due to the tight job market. The survey also found that over three-quarters of hiring managers believe that candidates are more demanding in terms of the benefits they expect, leaving companies to play catch-up.

  • The primary contributors to increased stress levels in hiring managers are:
    sourcing the right talent (41%)
  • candidate drop-offs due to competing compensation packages (26%)
  • an unstructured, ineffective hiring process (16%)
When 88% of managers are experiencing pressure in achieving their goals because of hiring, you can be sure this represents business risk. People-first companies have understood that hiring is a business-critical function – and it needs to be structured, measured and continuously improved on. Winning companies are focused on building a culture of hiring throughout their organizations in order to manage the challenges with hiring right now
Daniel Chait

There was positive news for employees with the results showing that 74% of companies plan to give staff salary increases this year. Most respondents attributed company performance (36%) to this, however, a significant number (21%) also cited the impact that inflation or the general rise in the cost of living is having on wages and employee demands.

Figures from the report show that 54% of companies will increase salaries by at least 10% this year, while 15% of companies are expecting to increase their salaries by at least 20%.

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