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Metaverse Ecosystem Development & Investment Conference

Metaverse Ecosystem Development & Investment Conference-Asia Station will happen on from May 24 till May 26 2022 online, organized by the MC (Metaverse Club).

The Conference will include more than 10,000 global Blockchain Game, NFT, Defi,Technology companies and game & NFT players, crypto investors, artists, metaverse lovers as well as media in the Asia Pacific market (main from China, Japan, South Korea, South East Asia, Dubai), learning about the latest metaverse market news, finding investment and PR opportunities in the Asia Pacific market.

Topic Framework

Featured Speakers

More than 35 featured speakers have participated in the conference to discuss the Metaverse ecosystem development and the investment opportunities in Metaverse.

  • MetaTokyo, Takayuki Suzuki, CEO
  • Decentraland, Justin Edwards, COO
  • Upland, Dirk Lueth, Co-Founder
  • NFTrade, Harrison Seletsky, Head of Communications
  • Charisma Entertainment, Guy Gadney, CEO
  • Technical University of Munich, Isabell Welpe,Professor of Strategy
  • Aavegotchi, Jesse Johnson, Co-founder and COO
  • Finstep Asia,Musheer Ahmed,Founder & MD
  • Decentraland, Alejandro De Grazia,Head Movies & Entertainment in General
  • Multiverse Labs, CEO, Cliff Szu
  • LOCGame, Mik Mironov,CEO
  • Gumi Cryptos Capital, Miko Matsumura, General Partner
  • Cypher Capital, Bijan Alizadeh ,Partner
  • LaunchMyNFT, Kwebbelkop,CEO
  • Multiverse Labs, Cliff Szu,CEO
  • Aimedis, Michael Kaldasch, Founder/CEO
  • A’Z Angels, Mahmoud Ali, General Partner
  • India Blockchain Alliance, Raj Kapoor, Founder
  • Subgame, Ambassadors
  • Cointelligence Fund, On Yavin, Managing Partner
  • ParlayMe, January Barnes, Founder & Tech Reporter
  • Metaverse Club, Jack-D, COO
  • Gamma Law,David Hoppe,Managing Partner
  • Karma the Game of Destiny, Robert Porter, CEO
  • Baptiste Tricoire ,Marketing Consultant &Forbes writer
  • Genopets, Jay Chang, Co-Founder
  • Mulana Venture, Gilbert Ng, Partner
  • Korea App Inc., Jeong Hak Soo, CEO

Sponsors & Partners

To know more about the Metaverse Ecosystem and Investment Conference Asia Station at 24-26,May,2022,please visit the website.

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