How a job agency works

Learning how a job agency works is essential if you are planning to use a recruitment agency for a job search

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At one point, you will be looking for work. Whether you are just getting started with your career, changing careers, or looking for a better position, a job agency will come in handy, and there is no doubt it can be resourceful.

These agencies have vital connections that make job hunt bearable. If you have no clue on where to start searching, Team Global / MSM advises that you choose a job agency within your expertise, and you will note a difference.

So, what is a recruitment agency?

It is a firm that acts as a middleman between a company and job seekers. They prepare their candidates for interviews and share tips with them to improve their CVs.

How they work

What usually happens is a company reaches out to the recruitment agency first. The company details its offer, and if it lacks clarity, the job agency asks for more information. After that, the agency:

  • Find a matching talent within its database or,
  • Posts the job to attract applicants.

They present ideal candidates to the hiring companies after preparing them.

Joining a recruitment agency

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Joining a recruitment agency. Source:

The process of joining a recruitment agency as a job seeker is usually not complicated. Although they can have a difference in their work, most of them operate the same.

Most of them require you to create a profile with them for ease of access. Before signing up, it is often recommendable to book an appointment with them.

Once you are scheduled, make use of the chance by asking relevant questions and advice.


When you create a good rapport with a job agency, you can reap a lot of benefits. They include:

  • Accessing employers that can exclusively be found in an agency.
  • Help with improving your CV and cover letter for the role you are looking for.
  • Expert guidance and advice about interviews.
  • Genuine feedback from the interviews you attend to help you improve in your weak areas.
  • Having the priority to the available jobs.

What happens if I see a role from a recruitment agency?

It is normal to see recruitment agencies advertising online. These roles are often open for anyone to apply.

However, the job agency remains discrete about the hiring company until a candidate succeeds for the interview stage.

Cost of using a recruitment agency

Recruitment agencies usually don’t charge job seekers for their services. The hiring companies cater to the fee.

I got a job. What’s next?

Once you secure a job, the agency does not leave you to wander your way. They will help you with paperwork and offer you support until you settle in your new career.

Some agencies go a step further and negotiate on your behalf for salary package and benefits.

You do not have to be alone in your job search. Involve a job agency regardless of your years of working experience, and you will love the process.


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