How coronacrisis reshapes consumers mindset – study

The pandemic has changed people’s views, values, and expectations towards life

How coronacrisis reshapes consumers mindset

How coronacrisis reshapes consumers mindset – study. Source:

FleishmanHillard’s TRUE Global Intelligence practice conducted a 6-months survey on how the pandemic is reshaping people’s perceptions, behaviors, values, and societies.

According to the study, consumers are most confident in their governments but least confident in their workers. This way, 79% of Chinese respondents rate their national government “excellent” or “great. At the same time, the US, UK, and Korean counterparts assess the government’s productivity by 34%, 50%, and 43%, respectively.

This crisis has clarified what really matters to individuals. Consumer behavior has changed, and for many, those changes will persist past the pandemic. For example, consumers are signaling a seismic shift in their future buying behaviors for products and services they deem important. With a clear understanding of how the crisis has changed our expectations and beliefs, organizations can make decisions and communicate relevantly and meaningfully among employees, customers, and communities
Natasha Kennedy, senior partner and global managing director of FleishmanHillard's TRUE Global Intelligence practice

The research also highlighted that most of the respondents aren’t expecting to snap back to “normal” soon. The data found that over 1 in 5 one believe it will take from five months to two years to return to normal life.

At the same time, 91% of respondents expect companies to take measures to help workers stay healthy. The employees named providing protective equipment and hand sanitizer and hands washing breaks as the priorities.


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