How do common financial goals affect relationships: survey

Most of the Canadian couples link financial stability to relationship success


How do common financial goals affect relationships: survey. Source:

The RBC found out that successful long-term relationships rely both on strong financial compatibility and romantic chemistry.

According to the poll, 85% of Canadians with partners felt that having similar financial goals and habits are necessary for healthy relationships. At the same time, 80% believe it’s important to speak with a partner about finances before getting involved in a serious relationship.

The study shows that for 91% of people surveyed it’s important when their partners have the same view on spending and saving money.

81% of respondents consider the setting of clear financial boundaries as a top priority, with more than 2/3 admitting they wouldn’t combine their finances with their partners unless they knew that partner was financially stable.

When you’re committing to a relationship, you’re inviting that special someone into your life, along with their finances. That’s a lot of sharing, and as a couple, it’s important to set clear financial boundaries to make sure you’re on the same page when it comes to spending, saving and managing your money
Sandra Abdool, Regional Financial Planning Consultant, RBC Financial Planning

The poll unveils that 77% of Canadians in relationships speak with their partners about finances at least monthly. 45% of them create shared budgets, whereas 41% come up with financial goals. 37% of Canadian couples save money together.



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