How to apply for a Monobank bank account as a foreigner

Foreigners residing in Ukraine can also receive the Monobank card. PaySpace Magazine Global will tell you how


How to apply for a Monobank bank account as a foreigner. Source:

Monobank is the most successful Ukrainian neo-bank with exclusive features and a user-friendly interface. The bank is very popular with the local population, having nearly 4 million of customers after only 4 years of operation.


In order to prove you’re a temporary or permanent resident of Ukraine, you’ll need to provide one of the following set of documents:

  • permanent residence permit & Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN)
  • temporary residence permit (only if VALID INDEFINITELY) & ITIN
  • temporary identity card of a citizen of Ukraine & ITIN

Application process

You can order a Monobank card in a few ways:

The onboarding process is quite simple and takes a few steps:

  1. Fill a short application form (Name, last name, phone number).
  2. If you order the card online, you also need to choose a location and Nova Poshta office or a distribution point where you’ll receive your plastic card. If you’ve already bought a physical card at one of the partner stores, this information is unnecessary.
  3. The “Request” link will take you to the next stage where you’ll need to upload the pictures of your ID/residence permit and tax payer’s ID (ITIN).
  4. In order to personalize your credit offer, the bank will ask you additional questions about your job, salary, etc.
  5. After you’ve filled out the form and a questionnaire, the app or the website will specify the terms (time and place) of receiving your plastic card.
  6. You arrive at the Nova Poshta office or a distribution point with your ID documents and get the card. If this option is applicable, you may also get your card delivered to the selected address.
  7. You download the app and start using Monobank services.

In case you’ve bought a Monobank card at one of the selected retailers, you need to do the following:

  1. Open the package
  2. Scan the QR code
  3. Download the app (if you haven’t already done it) and activate your card
  4. Follow the in-app instructions

Accounts & currencies

Monobank customers may order a few types of debit/credit cards: Black, White, Platinum, Iron, and the Kids card.

The Black card is a basic retail offer with a credit limit up to 100,000 UAH and generous cashback.

The White card is a debit card that allows cashing out salaries and payments for self-employed customers without any commissions.

Platinum is a private banking offer with fast line at the airports, concierge services, enhanced credit limit up to 400,000 UAH, unique card design with increased privacy (the plastic card may be issued without the card number printed on it), and other perks.

Iron card is a premium metal card that may give its owners all the benefits of the Visa Infinite and Mastercard World Elite offers.

The Kids card is an account for children under 16 years old.

All the basic accounts support Ukrainian hryvnia. However, you can open additional accounts in USD, Euro, and Polish zloty. Such accounts can be topped by cash at the partner banks or via your basic Monobank account in-app. Bank transfers are made through the SWIFT system. There’s no commission for cash deposits. When you top up the USD, Euro or zloty accounts from your UAH account, the currency is converted according to the bank’s rate. The possibility to deposit hryvnia into your foreign currency account (convert currencies) via self-service terminals will be added soon.

As for remittances, Monobank supports a range of services, so you can choose the most suitable one: SWIFT payments to Visa and Mastercard, SEPA transfers, Western Union, MoneyGram, RIA. You may also transfer funds from Payoneer to your USD or EUR Monobank account.

By the way, the 24/7 Monobank support that’s available via various messengers also speaks English and is ready to help their foreign customers with any issues that may arise.


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