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How to attract an investment – Invest Summit 2018

Once again Kyiv became a meeting place for the key players in business, entrepreneurship, and technology of the future

Invest Summit 2018

How to attract an investment – Invest Summit 2018. Source:

Yesterday, on November 27, at the Invest Summit 2018 in Kyiv, Ukraine, investors, entrepreneurs, executives, and IT-specialists provided lots of recommendations on how to find the right investor for a startup project.

PaySpace Magazine has visited the event and assembled all of their pieces of advice into some semblance of guidelines for your startup.

Create a strategy

If you have a startup and you want to find an investor, don't go to them - let them come to you
Nicolo Augusto Manica, Founding Partner & Digital Marketing Innovator, TargetoGroup

Digital Start-up Investor and Digital marketing Innovator Nicolo Augusto Manica. Source:

Digital Startup Investor and Digital marketing Innovator Nicolo Augusto Manica insisted that marketing strategy is needed for both online- and offline-based projects. He believes that an effective strategy at some point inevitably leads to an increase in investors’ interest.

The expert’s recommendations on how to promote your startup are the following:

  • Visit dedicated events, connect with people who are doing the same thing as you do.
  • Define your goal and spread your team’ value by creating a strategy. Investors aren’t looking for your ideas or money, they are looking for a team.
  • Your company or startup should be everywhere.
  • Define your main argument. Nowadays, it is better to be an expert in THAT thing, not in EVERYthing.
  • Define who is your audience and find the main platform where you’ll create content to reach them. Later, you can consider expanding to other platforms. In your messages, you can give suggestions, share your experience, studies, etc. if it has a value.
Invest Summit 2018

Expo Zone at Invest Summit 2018. Source:

It is important to be consistent when posting online, no matter which channel or social media you’ve chosen. Your strategy won’t be effective if you’ll make one post, and then forget about posting for several months. It is also a must to be synchronized with your company – to share its values, demonstrate its achievements and plans. Don’t forget to challenge the audience to interact – it will help you to get to know them better and to strengthen your bonds. Moreover, it will make your posts visible to a wider circle of people. Finally, you should study your data. You’ll see that some types of content and particular topics get more likes than the others. That is how you’ll know what your audience consider to be valuable and what you should give them to succeed.

As Nicolo Manica emphasized, today value is a key. The customer has a possibility to select among a wide range of options, so consumer wants something more when he pays for your product. The competition nowadays is huge, which has led to moving from 4 P’s of marketing to 4 E’s:

4 P’s

4 E’s









All things considered, when you will have a great marketing strategy, you’ll be contacted by investors. Probably, it will be easier to reach if you’ll get help from the Digital Marketing Company.

The research found that 97% of customers visiting retailer’s website for the first time aren’t there to buy and that returning customers spend 67% more than new ones

Prepare to win

BurjFinancial FZ LLC Start-up scout and investor Stephan Horvath. Source:

  1. Before you contact and meet an investor, make sure that you have a logical flow to your presentation.
  2. Clearly define your idea, USP, MVP and most importantly your valuation, if you are looking for serious money.
  3. Be authentic – your vision makes you win.

Stephan Horvath pointed out that to investor startups representatives look rather similar – communication works best if your offer is really relevant or brings a value. When talking to an investor, show them you have thought about them and you are a perfect match. We’ve listed below some of the criteria that funds pay attention to, according to Stephan Horvath:

  • Startups talk about what their idea is and how it will change the world and what they value their company at;
  • Investors meet new ideas every day, what they want are a dedicated team and a good valuation.
  • Funds tend to be more difficult to please from an assessment perspective since they have a particular investment mandate to follow, which could have numerous guidelines.
  • Approach and collaborate with their assessment team.
Invest Summit 2018

Visitors of the Invest Summit 2018 were able to use crypto ATM’s. Source:

Horvath noted investors buy startup’s vision – its project and team of people. And here are what the startup should do:

  • Believe in your vision and think ahead of the curve.
  • Be a forward thinker to thrive in today’s environment, and this requires a strong vision and persistence under all circumstances.
  • Show patience.
  • Present passionately about your idea and build a strong team of talented individuals who will help you grow fast.

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