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How to find out the issuing bank for a credit card

Have you ever been faced with the question of what bank has issued a card when you have only a card number?

How to find out the issuing bank for a credit card

How to find out the issuing bank for a credit card. Source: How do you identify the issuing bank? PaySpace Magazine will help you to solve this question. You can use our BIN Checker right away, but we also offer you to understand how it works. 

Sometimes we need to figure out the name of the bank that has issued the card, but we have only the card’s number. It’s easy to find out everything about the issuing network if we have the card in our hands, but sometimes we’ve only got a number. What do we know about a card number and what kind of additional information is hidden in it?

The bank card number explained

The card number’s length (the number of digits) mostly ranges from 12 to 19 digits. The first six digits of the whole number are the IIN, or “issuer identification number” (also known as the BIN, or “bank identification number”).

These numbers identify the institution that issued the card.

The first digit of the IIN is the MII, or “Major Industry Identifier”. It means this digit identifies the major industry of the card issuer. The next digits (except the last one) are individual account identifier. The last number is a check digit, which is calculated according to the Luhn algorithm.

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