How to improve sales for a small business by improving SEO

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Did you know that all types of businesses can significantly improve their sales by carrying out efficient SEO practices? Optimizing your website for search engines can be done with the goal of increasing sales instead of merely gaining more traffic.


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When you set up your SEO strategy with startup SEO services to generate more sales, your revenue margins will increase and, as a result, your return on investment will be higher. How can this be effectively done for small businesses? Here is how a sales-driven SEO strategy can be created and implemented for small businesses:

Optimizing keyword research for sales

One of the most common aspects of an SEO strategy is keyword research. By conducting keyword research, you can understand how customers search for businesses similar to yours. However, there are different types of keywords and you should focus mostly on ones that generate sales.

What kind of keywords are those? Long tail and local SEO keywords are ones that usually generate more sales. They signal that a customer is ready to make a purchase and by using them, you are increasing the chances of being their chosen store.

Implement only the right amount of keywords

Small business owners have the misconception that the more keywords you use, the better your campaign results. The truth is, you should implement entrepreneurial thinking working on the principle of less is more.

Do not use too many keywords in the content you have created. Instead, use just the right amount depending on the length of the content. For a 500-word blog post, using 1 or 2 keywords is enough. For those that reach 1500, it might be beneficial to cap them at 3 or 4.

Establish a link-building strategy

Link-building is an important factor in SEO because it shows search engines that they can trust you. If you have inbound links, the chances of ranking higher are increased because your content is perceived as authoritative.

Thus, ensure that you have a functional link-building strategy, which might entail guest-posting to relevant sites for inbound links. Try to avoid sketchy link-building strategies such as buying backlinks because this can impact the ranking you have on Google. Instead, focus on organic efforts since they have proven to give back great results.

Focus on visual SEO

Visual SEO is something that has not become that popular but this strategy can have great results. By including images and optimizing them for Google Photo rankings, you can get more sales.

How? Google Assistant has a feature that allows users to take a photo of something searching it on their search engine. The results are mostly Google Photo search result matches. Users that use this feature are mostly ready to make a purchase and therefore optimizing the website for visual SEO can have great results.

Make it easy to navigate around the website

Making the navigation of your website easily accessible can help improve SEO and, at the same time, increase sales. By making the website navigation simplistic and easy-to-use, users might open a blog post they searched for but can also view other pages.

Those pages could be the online shop you’re using to sell products and that increases the chances of having higher sales margins. Therefore, simplify navigation for better results on your sales margins. This contributes greatly to traditional SEO efforts, so it is killing two birds with one stone.

Set up Google Analytics tracking

Google Analytics tracking can help with monitoring the efficacy of SEO efforts in generating sales. By tracking the origins of each buying customer, you can start picking up SEO patterns that work best for generating sales. Perhaps, you might pick up a trend in keywords or type of content that generates more sales.

Intensifying efforts on that particular aspect of SEO that brings sales can be quite beneficial. Therefore, set up Google Analytics correctly and then activate its tracking feature to ensure that you can assess what works best for generating sales.

Using Google My Business to your advantage

Google My Business is a true friend when you are looking at increasing sales. This product from Google comes with a lot of useful features from the box. For example, you can add a business listing to get more walk-in traffic that can generate your website traffic too.

Alternatively, you can add your products on Google Shopping from this platform, which increases the chances of getting more sales. This can be considered as SEO because you will appear at the very top results of Google searches.

Conduct competitor research

Competitor research is always a king in situations like these because it can help you with insights on how your competition is generating more profit than yourself. You can conduct competitor research on the SEO practices implemented on their websites and then assess which ones can contribute to higher sales.

Afterward, integrating that with current strategies can breed greater results than those of the competition. There are different types of tools that can be used for this purpose. You can just find the most relevant for your goal.

Create high-quality content

The matter of creating high-quality content can’t be stressed enough. Small businesses often forget the importance of having a website that is functional and brings great results.

Customers can start perceiving the business you are running as an authoritative figure if you’re posting relevant content consistently. The content should be high-quality with superior SEO practices implemented on them. Therefore, create a blog and maintain it consistently because it can help improve the rankings of your site.

The bottom line

As a small business owner, look out for practical ways to implementing SEO aimed at getting more sales for revenue growth. You can use different strategies to get more sales using SEO, such as using visual means, long-tail and local keywords. Also, remember to be minimalistic when implementing keywords for your website or blog since many of them can negatively impact SEO efforts.

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