How to send money to the Philippines and India

In this post, we’ll be looking at how to send money to the Philippines and India

how to send money India

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You could be at the confusion about how to go overseas and need to send money. You may have concerns about where to go, how much it would cost to send money, or which service is the easiest to use. The broad understanding of support is that your preferred bank is the most reliable and safest place to move your money to other countries. The fact of the matter is, this may not be farther from the facts.

Banks were once the only choice for many years. With the advent of the many online payment platforms now open to customers, they are more willing than ever to reap the benefits of the reduced fees (or, in some instances, zero fees) provided by these modern foreign money transfer services.

There is a need to evaluate money transfer businesses to guarantee that you receive the best offer you can while transferring money abroad electronically, i.e., the best exchange rate for the least cost of services necessary.

Sending money to India

India is a vibrant hub with a dynamic workforce powering the global economy with a population of over 1.3 billion people. Around the globe, around 20 million Indians work overseas, and money sent home is a major resource for many Indian families. To ensure that their loved ones obtain as much money as possible, Indian experts need quick, safe, and inexpensive international financial services.

How to send money to India

There are several ways to send money to India, and facilities are offered at varying speeds and rates. Financial institutions and remittance outlets are useful for others but may be costly, ensuring that less money is earned in India when the payment is made. Besides, you’ll have to line up in the shop, which could slow down the whole operation.

For both the sender and the receiver, online and in-app money transfers to India are quicker and more comfortable. A fresh, alternate way to transfer money to India from the United Kingdom or any other place is provided by Paysend. Users can conveniently transfer money to their loved ones in India using the easy and safe Paysend app.

Paysend has around 1.4 million monthly active users, and one of the best countries on the Paysend website for money transfers in India. With Paysend, any Indian bank account will transfer money directly to you.

The cost of sending money to India

Although many currency exchange services charge major charges or pay a share of the sum sent, transferring money to financial institutions in India is completely free, regardless of how much you choose to submit. So, if you want to move cash from the UK to India, sending it via Paysend would never cost you a single penny.

The cost of sending money to the Philippines

One of the main destinations on the Paysend website for money transfers is the Philippines. The money issuer will opt either to transfer money to a bank account or directly to a credit or debit card.

Many money transfer providers charge high fees or take a portion of the amount sent, but transferring money to the Philippines, no matter how much you wish to give, costs just £1, $2, or €1.50 with Paysend. This ensures that the charge would only be just £1 if you wish to give £100 or £1,000 from the UK to the Philippines.


CompareRemit allows the money sender to look for the cheapest route to send money to the Philippines by contrasting money transfer facilities and discovering real-time exchange rates. When sending money to the Philippines with CompareRemit, a person will discover the perfect dollar to peso rate of exchange, check money transfer businesses and contrast them to get the best deal for the dollars.

CompareRemit makes it simple and convenient to move cash to the Philippines. Instead of using several places to check, you can easily compare payment processing currency values in one location. In seeking the right transaction system for sending money overseas, real-time USD to PHP exchange rates aid.

There is no obligation with no register, password, or fees required. Only compare money transfer businesses, find the right exchange rate, and give your money the best way. For many more opportunities to save your money, CompareRemit provides exclusive discounts, vouchers, and offers.


It needs to be mentioned once again, while this could run it into the ground: the easiest way to find the best exchange rate would be to do your homework and shop around! Follow the price patterns for that nation whether you know you’re going to send money to a particular country quickly or whether you frequently send money to the same place. See whether there are any trends or periods when the rate is better for the month or year. In studying these kinds of stuff, the internet may be immensely useful.


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