Huawei Launches Non Stop Banking Initiative

Chinese tech company Huawei unveiled its Non Stop Banking initiative to help banks increase revenue and customer base, save operational costs and enhance financial inclusion

Huawei Launches Non Stop Banking Initiative

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At the Huawei Intelligent Finance Summit for Africa 2023, Huawei announced its new Non Stop Banking initiative aimed at hand-in-hand collaboration between the ICT and banking industries.

Leo Chen, president of Huawei Sub-Saharan Africa Region believes going digital is a major imperative for the banking industry. It is especially critical in African countries where traditional banking services fail to cater to the needs of many rural dwellers.

Thus, the initiative promotes a digital future of ‘non-stop’ services, ‘non-stop’ development, and ‘non-stop’ innovation in Africa, being able to boost financial inclusion.

Huawei has served more than 2500 financial customers in over 60 countries and regions, including 50 of the world’s top 100 banks. Its technologies, such as fibre optic networks, IP networks and data communication, enable ‘multi-domain collaboration’ solutions for banks.

Over the years, Huawei has supported the digitalization of the banking industry in Africa by constructing the continent’s ICT infrastructure and providing digital connectivity in rural areas. Besides, the company also focuses on research and development (R&D), working on innovations that might help the industry shape its future.

Cao assured that Huawei will help its African financial customers with the transaction to digital engagement, cloud-native and agile businesses, data democratisation, secure and reliable infrastructure, hybrid multi-cloud and Lego-style modular services, and automated and predictable operation.

Thus, Huawei’s digital energy solutions can provide an uninterrupted and green power supply for the banking sector. Meanwhile, its intelligent network O&M solutions enable faults to be detected, diagnosed and rectified in minutes. In combination with other Huawei offerings, these solutions help create a seamless operation process for African banks and their customers.

Finally, Huawei called for all the industry participants to jointly build more robust ICT infrastructure, encourage digital finance innovation with favourable policies, cultivate a sound innovative ecosystem, and train more digital talent for the industry.

Huawei has been collaborating with local industry players for a while. Thus, in 2021, Huawei Mobile Services and Mondia Pay have partnered to facilitate digital payments in Tunisia and Algeria.

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