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In 2024, there will be more voice assistants than people

However, everything depends on changing consumer behavior

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In 2024, there will be more voice assistants than people. Source:

According to Juniper Research, consumers will use voice assistants on over 8.4 billion devices by 2024, compared to 4.2 billion devices in 2020. Nevertheless, the voice assistants’ monetization remains a challenge.

The study highlights that the highest rate of growth will have the automotive voice assistants and those connected to TVs. The reason for that is the ability to use voice assistants through peripherals, rather than new hardware.

Ingrained habits of how devices are used will restrict opportunities for voice assistants and voice commerce. Vendors should focus on driving usage almost as much as promoting device sales
James Moar, research co-author

The research expects that the number of voice assistant devices across Europe will only exceed North America by 2022, despite the fact the population there has more than doubled.

At the same time, less than 354 million PCs will have active voice assistants, particularly following Microsoft shifting Cortana away from being a full voice assistant.

We’ve reported that smart speakers will overtake tablet computers. Their global installed base poised to exceed 207.9 million units in 2019, overtaking tablet computers by 2020.


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