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Innovative payment systems are just part of the appeal of the latest iGaming platforms

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Innovative payment systems are just part of the appeal of the latest iGaming platforms. Source:

In the last couple of decades, a not-so-quiet revolution has been taking place. One that has been steadily transforming all parts of our lives from how we gather information to the way that we shop.

Naturally, much of this change has been driven by the increasing influence of the internet with some sectors being transformed and others arising where before they simply hadn’t existed before. A prime example of the latter is the online casino sector, and the former includes the payment systems that many of these casinos use.

As online casinos have always relied on innovation and novelty for their success, it’s also logical that they have been at the forefront of giving their players ever more convenient and efficient ways to pay and receive money. So, in addition to the more traditional methods of bank transfers and payments by debit cards, over the years more and more e-wallets of various kinds have been added.

Naturally, one of the first to be adopted by most online casinos was PayPal. In the 21 years since it first started to offer a new way to pay, the record-breaking payment-system has managed to gather almost 300 million users so it is still the undisputed leader.

But, in addition to using PayPal, truly innovative casinos are also espousing the most innovative and forward-thinking ways to pay. A prime example of this is the relative newcomer Much Better. As the name suggests, it promises a number of advantages over its rivals and, as a result, it’s becoming increasingly popular with online casinos. Winner of multiple awards already, among the innovative features it offers is wearable tech that can be used as a payment method as well as security that Much Better claims to be far higher than its competitors.

Specifically designed for use with online gaming brands, it comes as no surprise that sites that have included it in their payment options are also often the names that are equally forward-thinking in their choice of games.


As well as the now quite commonplace live casino with its games of roulette and blackjack, many a site has also started to introduce a whole new playing experience called Crazy Time Live. Using the latest streaming technology, this allows the player to take part in a game that is, in essence, a spin-the-wheel game that is controlled by a live dealer.

It’s been developed by a leader in the field of online gaming design and development called Evolution, and the game mechanic offers several new twists on the traditional wheel of fortune. These include extra games including a cash hunt, a simple coin flip, and even a Japanese-style Pachinko cascade to determine the number of times the cash prize will be multiplied.

In the fiercely competitive world of online casinos, it is the brands that take care of both the practical processes of money transfer and the fun elements of the games like Crazy Time Live who are going to continue to thrive. So expect to see many innovations in both areas in the months and years to come.


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