iProov patents document verification tech

iProov’s solution will also start analyzing document details as soon as the user starts moving the camera to line up their photo


iProov patents document verification tech. Source:

iProov has patented a new document verification technique that will help businesses prevent the use of forgeries online.

The technology d will be deployed as part of the company’s Genuine Presence Assurance platform, and marketed to clients that are searching for a more robust remote identity verification offering.

In practice, the new patent focuses on the document verification stage of the authentication process, and not on facial liveness detection.

The latest generation of ID verification solutions ask users to take selfie and a photo of an identity document, and then use face and document recognition to confirm the authenticity of both. iProov’s solution displays a box on the screen that someone is using to take a photo.

That makes it easier to capture an image of an ID card, since people can adjust the focus to make sure the document fits inside the frame.

The solution can run on any device with a camera and a suitable light source. iProov believes that its intuitive offering will make the document capture process more accessible and more user-friendly, since people will know what they need to do without any written instructions.

We’ve reported that Asda pilots self-ID cameras for automated age verification.


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