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Tips on building your eCommerce brand


Tips on building your eCommerce brand. Source:

Do you want to create an online store and build your eCommerce brand? A strong brand is essential to building a valuable eCommerce company. The benefits of building a solid brand are increased customer loyalty and a strong identity. Below are some top tips on creating an online store and effective eCommerce branding.

What is branding?

A strong brand is essential to building a valuable eCommerce company. But often, people misunderstand what branding really is. Branding is far more than just coming up with a unique and eyecatching logo or image. Your brand is essentially a promise and the reputation you build. The first step is to sit down and write down your core values and the feelings you want to invoke in your customers and audience. Then when you create an online store, you can easily shape your brand as you have envisaged it. You then attach your product and name to the brand, not the other way around, always building from the brand and core values up.

How to create a great brand?

What is your big idea?

The first set is defining what your brand is, understanding who you are, your brand values and core values, don’t imitate others. Being authentic is key to successful branding. Create a synched and clear sentence that is linked to your brand with a strong emotional connection. It needs to highlight the core purpose of your business. Don’t overcomplicate this step, be clear about what your brand is about and what you want it to be in the future.

Keeping it simple and consistent is vital. If you make a promise with your brand, make sure you can actually follow through on this commitment. For example, if your core value is customer service make sure you can actually deliver on this promise. Make sure that whatever social media you have is well-aligned to your brand as well as your eCommerce store. To build an audience and get your brand out there, try to stick to two social platforms.

Name and image

When you create an online store, one of the first things you want to do is create your brand name and logo. Your business name should be unique and memorable but also reflect your brand’s core value and be easy for customers to associate with your eCommerce online store.

There are different business name categories to choose from (abstract, descriptive, eponymous, acronymic, associative, etc.) Okay, so you have an idea of a name, but with endless online stores, how do you check your name is not already taken? When you get to the naming stage, the best thing you can do is use an online business tool that can check if a domain name is already taken and help generate a business name and logo for you. A tool like this saves you hours of trawling through endless websites to see if your name has already been taken or if, in fact, it is a good business name in the first place. You can also create logos and a consistent image for your business.

In order to create a professional, unique, and appealing logo using a professional service is essential. When creating an online store, you can keep your visual branding consistent and attractive. Choose consistent color palettes, imagings, fonts, and writing styles that you can use for your eCommerce page and your social media.

Don’t overthink your online eCommerce store theme. The most important thing is that it clearly relates to your brand and core values. With an online platform, you choose from many page themes, some are free, or you can also pay for more individual or specialized themes. You can use the given images or upload your own photos. You can easily customize and add your products, keeping everything uniform and in line with your brand and chosen theme.


It’s important to communicate effectively to your customers with your branding. Building solid brand communication needs to be consistent with your brand values and promise. One of the first steps you need to take is understanding who your customers are and positioning your brand in a more appealing way for this market.

A good customer experience gives you a chance to create a long-term relationship with your consumers. If you already have a following on Instagram, Pinterest or Etsy, take all this information to build your customer profile base when you create your online store. You can now easily link your eCommerce store with your social media like Instagram, for example. That way, your customers can quickly identify your brand and directly buy from you on Instagram or other social media platforms, accessible and engaging marketing and advertising.

Building a solid brand will help people easily identify your products and services, bringing your business to life setting you apart from everyone else.


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