Is IT team leasing really worth it?

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The number of IT companies has been increasing rapidly in the 21st century. But IT specialists are not found everywhere. A company may have one or two IT specialists but having a team is far from possible. There is unequal distribution.

Companies go looking for alternative solutions when it comes to hiring programming experts because of the unequal distribution of specialists.

One of the best solutions to this problem is employee leasing.


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What is employee leasing?

Employee leasing is a type of contract in which a professional employer organization (PEO) leases its employees for a company for a specific time frame. In this time frame, the PEO acts as the co-employer which handles all administration and paperwork of the employees thus saving companies a lot of time and distraction.

These employee leasing programmes have grown in popularity among small and mid-sized businesses because:

  • It is a feasible choice for enhancing employee perks.
  • It is also a low-cost method of minimising time-consuming and labor-intensive paperwork.

Team leasing in IT

Yes, finding an IT specialist is easy, but if you need a team of specialized programmers for your project, it is a hard nut to crack.

Companies require a team of coding experts for various projects and leasing is one of the best options to do it. There are many companies with an urge to enter overseas markets but they lack the basic knowledge and sources to hire experts and competent personnel for their specific job. Team leasing in IT can prove beneficial for their businesses.

Advantages of IT team leasing

Hiring an IT team is more expensive than leasing one. If a company hires a team of IT experts, it has to manage, administer and deal with the paperwork of that team too. In leasing, the PEO will handle that for you. A company has a lot more important things to take care of instead of handling the documents of employees.

You never lose control over your operations. A PEO will only perform tasks that are assigned to them. This way, you can lease in-house specialists for a specific time frame. You don’t have to look and find a specialist team by yourself, your PEO will do that for you.

Disadvantages of IT team leasing

As it is a leased IT, they have no future in the company who hired them so there is a lack of commitment sometimes. Whereas an in-house employee works hard for promotions and reputation. The leased team just wants to complete its job and move to the next company.

Team leasing depends solely on the quality and competency of the professional employer organization. The leased team cannot also form interpersonal relationships. This can lower productivity and output because of the lack of communication.


In today’s world, hiring and firing employees is very common. Leasing can be beneficial because it saves money, keeps you in control, and also eliminates the requirement of administrative work for the employees because PEO will do that for you.

So yes, leasing an IT team is totally worth it.

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