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IT firms face cloud-related problems amid COVID: study

The report reveals that IT leaders keep pushing ahead their digital transformation projects amid the coronacrisis

IT firms

IT firms face cloud-related problems amid COVID: study. Source:

According to, 82.2% of the respondents confirmed they faced cloud-related difficulties during the pandemic.

The research was commissioned by managed cloud provider 2nd Watch, which surveyed over 100 enterprise IT professionals.

Meanwhile, 63.4% of people surveyed highlighted issues with remote workers trying to access corporate systems.

As to other common cloud-related problems, 57.4% of respondents struggled to find out how best to provide remote workers with IT support. At the same time, 46.5% of IT professionals had to deal with issues pertaining to faulty collaboration and conferencing software.

During the pandemic, 79.2% admitted to being worried about the COVID-19’s impact on their IT strategy in the future. Although, 49.5% of participants said they feel “very confident” about their company’s ability to adjust to that.

The pandemic may be causing IT leaders to adjust their priorities, but they’re not backing down from big-picture efforts that can transform and position their organizations for long-term success. As more businesses reopen, we expect demand for cloud modernization services to increase further
Chris Garvey, enterprise vice-president of product at 2nd Watch

We’ve reported that the coronacrisis has encouraged businesses to rapidly adopt cloud technology. For instance, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Meet, and Amazon Chime eliminated the gap for businesses and society to stay connected during the lockdown. What is more, Google classrooms and Microsoft Teams for Schools have revolutionized e-learning.


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