Italian consumers are optimistic about post-lockdown future

2021 is expected to be prosperous for the investors in the country


Italian consumers are optimistic about post-lockdown future. Source:

According to GlobalData, the Italian retail savings and investment market will increase by 0.2% in 2020.

The report revealed that nearly 80% of investor wealth is in deposits. Nevertheless, it is anticipated that many more wealth managers and investors will be moving their wealth into the asset class to protect themselves from the rough declines.

The March survey found that 45% of Italian consumers expected the coronavirus situation to worsen in the following months. But since then, optimism has grown, and figures now suggest that only 28% think the situation will worsen.

Italy’s retail equity and mutual fund holdings will suffer the most in 2020. The FTSE MIB, the country’s flagship index, lost a fifth of its value in March 2020 following the announcement of the coronavirus pandemic and the complete lockdown. Since then, April saw the index remain low and volatile, so a slow economic recovery is expected in the country. For 2020, the forecasts of retail equity and mutual fund holdings have been lowered to -26% and -18%, respectively
Sergel Woldemichael, Wealth Insight Analyst at GlobalData

Along with that, bond growth is expected to benefit somewhat in 2020 since investors aim for the stable return of fixed-income products.

We’ve reported that 34.9% of the UK population expecting the coronavirus situation to improve over the next month. Meanwhile, only 8.5% expect the situation to get a lot worse in June, compared to nearly 30% of consumers last month.



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