Japanese firm launched blockchain-based e-voting protocol

This system is expected to be a great step towards e-voting in local government


Japanese firm launched blockchain-based e-voting protocol. Source:

Layer X has introduced an electronic voting system based on a blockchain protocol and pursued by Tsukuba City. The objective of this blockchain system is to bring security and immutability to local elections and to support the Tsukuba City smart city.

The company believes that this system will become a revolutionary step towards electronic voting and will meet the voting process’s technical needs. It will help prevent double votes, the confidentiality of the voter, storage of voting, and records management. With this technology, the voter will also be able to check the result of the voting.

The system will solve some technical problems related to the digital transformation of administrative services as well. The company also plans to join Ibaraki Prefecture Smart Council, which is working to transform Tsukuba City into a smart city and make it digital.

The report states that coronavirus increased the importance of this system, and many countries are working to develop an online voting system at the local and state levels. Russia also experimented with blockchain-based e-voting and published the code on GitHub.

The system was developed in partnership between the two Russian companies, Rostelecom and Wave Enterprise. As one of the French communities, Verneuil-sur-Seine used the blockchain-based app to vote on a road project. In the USA, the Michigan Democratic Party experimented with e-voting by using the blockchain-based Voatz platform.

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