Smart home payment transactions to grow by 630% over 5 years

Smart home voice-assisted devices are now becoming more popular than ever not only in the US or Europe but also globally

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Smart home payment transactions to grow by 630% over 5 year. Source:

According to Juniper Research, the current total payment transactions made via smart home devices like Alexa and Google Assistant is going to be almost seven times in 2025 than what it was in 2020.

Nearly $22 billion in payments have been made through smart homes globally, and this value is going to be around more than $165 billion worldwide, which is a very significant increase.

This rising usage of such devices in households has led to an increase in merchant and user acceptance which has ultimately resulted in an incline in the use of these smart homes for eCommerce and other online transactions.

A total of 630% increase in global transactions via smart homes has been predicted by the research, which is very significant as well as dramatic. The prediction has been made that the use of smart displays and speakers as smart home assistants for payments using voice commands will be used much more widely and globally in the near future.

The industry all around is moving towards more convenient and less complex to use payment methods and the use of smart home speakers and screens through voice commands is a promising method of safe and convenient transactions in this regard.

The report suggested that in order to facilitate this, the smart home device vendors should make sure that the transaction and checkout process is seamless and safe, thus allowing the users to make even more complex and higher-cost checkouts.

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