JCB partners Japanese key players to advance digital society

Nearly 100 Fujitsu Group employees in Japan will participate in the program


JCB partners Japanese key players to advance digital societyl. Source:

JCB has teamed up with Fujitsu and Mizuho Bank for a joint demonstration trial aimed at further advancing a digital society. The trial aims to prove that digital ID data can be safely transacted online, distributed, and linked between different industries.

In the demonstration, JCB and Mizuho Bank will verify mechanisms to securely exchange and link participant ID information on a cloud platform built by Fujitsu.

According to the report, Fujitsu has built a decentralized digital ID exchange technology, which uses a blockchain solution from Fujitsu Laboratories.

Firstly, JCB and Mizuho Bank will automatically issue the participants’ ID information as electronic certificates.

Participants will combine or encrypt the e-certificates they receive from JCB and Mizuho Bank, in order to link their own identities online in a secure method to other businesses.

The pilot is expected to be finished by January 2021.

We’ve reported that JCB and Viva Wallet will extend their partnership to enable contact and contactless payment between Viva Wallet’s European merchants and JCB’s cardmembers.


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