JD and Tencent announced launch of Cloud Warehouse

JD Logistics said it would upgrade its cloud warehouse strategy to support partners in sales, technology, and ecosystem build-up

JD Tencent

JD and Tencent announced launch of Cloud Warehouse. Source:

JD Logistics and Tencent Smart Retail announced the launch of JD-Tencent Cloud Warehouse at the 2021 JD Logistics Cloud Warehouse Partner Conference held on April 17 in Beijing.

The new solutions will provide systems, branding, and marketing to merchants, MCN (multi-channel network) organizations, and warehousing companies.

With the rise of omnichannel retail and e-commerce live streaming, the industry is faced with diversified customers and channels, and unpredictable fulfillment pressures.

Leveraging Tencent’s online private traffic scenarios such as WeChat mini program and JD Logistics’ merchandise and logistics abilities, the JD-Tencent Cloud Warehouse solution will help clients navigate the changing retail market. They are expected to better serve customers and increase operations efficiency while lowering costs.

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