Finance & Economics became first e-commerce platform to accept digital yuan

Suzhou residents can apply it to pay by cash-on-delivery for JD’s services digital yuan became first e-commerce platform to accept digital yuan. Source: became the first e-commerce platform in China that accepts digital yuan in online shopping. JD Digits and the People’s Bank of China Digital Currency Research Institute have cooperated for the good of the digital yuan use

The municipal government of Suzhou has announced the distribution of about $3 million in digital currency to its residents.

This way, Suzhou residents can receive digital red envelopes through an online draw to be used online and offline. Selected products of the first JD party business support RMB electronic payments. In addition, around 10,000 offline stores accept digital currency, including offline hardware JD stores, while residents can use it to pay for JD’s services by cash-on-delivery.

Earlier, JD Digits and the People Bank of China’s Digital Currency Research Institute formed cooperation to promote support and use of the digital yuan.

We’ve reported that UK-based startup Karakuri has unveiled DK-One, the world’s first robotic solution to make personalized and portion-controlled meals.


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