JD Logistics developed a new delivery robot


JD Logistics developed a new delivery robot. Source:

JD Logistics has recently developed an indoor delivery robot at China Overseas International Center in Beijing. Nearly 2,000 staff members working in the office building will be able to receive robot delivery of take-out orders and parcels at their desks.

JD Logistics provides six such robots and a smart service center to China Overseas International Center. The smart service center offers temporary storage space so that couriers can leave the take-out orders and parcels there. The service center’s professionals will then place the packages in the compartments on the robots and users will be able to receive them in 5 to 10 minutes.

Robots can sense the environment and obstacles through lidar, ultrasonic probe, depth camera and other high-precision sensors while locating itself and planning its route to the destination automatically by leveraging JD’s self-developed navigation algorithm. It can communicate with elevators and access control system to navigate between different floors.

Once it has arrived near the receiver’s desk, the robot will send out a text message and make a phone call, with a password for the receiver to retrieve the package.

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