JD responds to coronavirus outbreak through platform launch

JD has been providing emergency medical supplies to Hubei province since January 21

JD platform

JD responds to coronavirus outbreak through platform launch. Source.

JD is currently building a supply chain management platform to respond to the urgent needs for COVID-19 prevention. The platform helps to manage, distribute, and trace the emergency supplies such as masks, goggles, and protective clothing.

As long as the anti-epidemic medical supplies are diverse, traditional management and distribution approaches aren’t efficient. JD’s platform makes data highly transparent and accurate as long as it’s collecting data in a digital manner.

In addition to that, the platform allows managing all emergency materials via their lifecycles, from when they were produced, to when they were ultimately distributed and used.

All the data can be seen in real-time, ensuring all organizations involved they can cooperate and execute efficiently.

JD reveals there are two goals in launching the platform. Firstly, the company wants to make the management process more visible via a digitized system. Secondly, leveraging big data to manage and integrate the entire purchasing and inventory process improves their efficiency.


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