Key driver of sustainability in foodservice revealed

Sustainability in foodservice becomes increasingly important, primarily driven by younger generations 

sustainability in foodservice

Key driver of sustainability in foodservice revealed. Source:

GlobalData reveals that in 2018, 47% of Gen Z representatives stated that environmentally-friendly claims often or always drive their choice of beverage, compared to only 41% in 2016.

The trend shows that manufacturers are moving towards sustainable and ethical production processes. Data unveils that many of them implement waste-reduction procedures and utilize renewable energy in supply-chain operations. What is more, they tend to use more sustainable materials for packaging solutions – redesigning products such as plastic straws, cups, sauce sachets, and drink-stirrers.

In the future, the sustainability and ethics mega-trend will increase in relevance to all foodservice outlet types. Coffee and tea shops will continue to be the most impacted, with key players encouraging consumers to use reusable cups while innovating beyond plastic for key items including straws and drink stirrers. As of 2018, over 25% of consumers claim to currently bring their own refillable cups with them when dining out based on environmental consciousness
Ryan Whittaker, Consumer Analyst at GlobalData


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