Klarna announced the launch of its first bank account

A Klarna bank account will come with a Visa debit card which can also be connected to Google Pay and Apple Pay

Klarna bank account

Klarna announced the launch of its first bank account. Source:

Klarna is launching consumer bank accounts in Germany, aiming to provide them with further control of their finances.

The launch marks a first for the company and will allow customers to track, categorize and analyze all of their everyday spendings using the Klarna app.

The company revealed that this offering will be available to a limited number of Klarna’s most loyal consumers to intensively collect and integrate feedback before gradually rolling out to all users across Germany.

Our focus is to provide a superior shopping experience to our consumers at the intersection of retail and banking. And we know that there's still massive room for improvement to the way many people bank and save their money today. Users are demanding more seamless, intuitive, and transparent services to meet their daily needs, but many banks still do not cater for this. We are very excited to introduce Klarna Banking today, bundling shopping and banking in one app and allowing our consumers to bank in the same seamless way as they shop with Klarna
Sebastian Siemiatkowski, CEO of Klarna

Here’s what Klarna’s bank account will offer:

  • Self-service sign up with an own developed KYC process called Klarna Ident. Video identification possible, but not necessary.
  • 3-click transfers and instant top-ups – money never more than a tip-tap away.
  • Smart Budgeting – make monthly budgets for full transparency over spendings across purchase categories.
  • Klarna Bank Card – The account includes a Visa debit card, which can be individually selected with the distinctive Klarna card design, available in two colors.
  • Cash withdrawals can be made at all ATMs – free of charge 2 times a month, even abroad.
  • The card can be connected to both Apple Pay and Google Pay.
  • Direct debit payments or bank transfers available for all 36 countries of the SEPA area.
  • 24/7 Customer Service (via phone and chat).
  • The account is secured by biometric recognition data, including facial recognition and fingerprints.
  • No charge to open an account or account running fees
  • Option of real-time app push notifications of all account activity.

We’ve reported that Klarna had tremendous momentum in the US, including a record 15 million customers starting in 2021


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