Klarna helps merchants personalize customer shopping experience 

This approach allows retailers to create impressive content from existing product images


Klarna helps merchants personalize customer shopping experience . Source:

Klarna has released an expanded portfolio of products and services designed to aid retailers to personify the consumer shopping experience.

According to the report, the initiative stems from a surge in e-commerce adoption in retail due to the pandemic. Meanwhile, consumers are now looking for inspiration, personified recommendations, and flexible payment options wherever they consume content. This way, Klarna’s expanded range of products and services can help retailers keep up with the times and attract the right customers.

The fundamentals of commerce are forever changed as more consumers forgo traditional retail store shopping for omnichannel commerce. Now more than ever it’s important for retailers to create fresh, engaging, and curated experiences to drive engagement and unlock growth with customers. With the introduction of our enhanced marketing services, we can help retailers implement impactful and actionable programs to better connect with consumers across all channels
Sebastian Siemiatkowski, CEO of Klarna

In addition, Klarna’s retail solutions include AI-powered content creation tools to provide retailers with personalization options, unlimited purchases in native formats. It also includes the ability to promote payment options later along the shopper journey on the retailer’s own website, using sponsored placements, selected Wish Lists, featured articles, and CRM channels.

What is more, Klarna is providing AI-powered content creation capabilities based on Klarna’s acquisition of San Francisco-based Toplooks.

We’ve reported that Klarna collaborates with Ingenico to expand payments across Europe.


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