Klarna rolls out its shopping app in Switzerland

This way, the company wants to create an improved shopping experience for all users

Klarna Switzerland

Klarna rolls out its shopping app in Switzerland. Source:

Klarna has announced the launch of the Klarna app in Switzerland.

Its app is already the central point of contact for 18 million monthly users in 17 countries, including Germany, Austria, the US and UK, according to the press release.

Besides, every month there are around a million new users around the world. This development reflects the global trend towards increased demand for mobile shopping, which is also evident in Switzerland: 75% of Swiss people already prefer to do their shopping and online shopping using their smartphones.

After we have been present with our Klarna payment products in Switzerland for years and work with established retailers such as H&M, Campz, Bikster, Mango or Calida, the Klarna app is the start for us logical next step in order to enable all Swiss consumers to have an improved shopping experience in the future and thus to take their preference for mobile shopping into account
Thomas Vagner, Country Manager DACH at Klarna

Along with that, the benefits of Klarna’s app include:

  • On the start page of the app, users can start their search in the browser and access all of their favorite shops from here.
  • Articles found via the Klarna app can be saved in personal collections so that you are automatically informed about price reductions and discount campaigns via push notifications .
  • The customized shopping dashboard gives users an overview of the items they have purchased with Klarna and their previous expenses.
  • The Klarna app is available as an iOS and Android version.
  • Thanks to the recently launched CO2 tracker , the individual CO2 footprint of one’s own purchases can be viewed in the app, which enables a better insight into one’s own consumption behavior.

We’ve reported that Klarna rolled out its shopping app in Switzerland.


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